Agua Dulce Cleanup




Agua Dulce was the lucky spot this time

We had an interesting event, this time a group of women swimmers called "Las Truchas" (The Trouts) joined us in our mission to keep the beaches clean and prevent plastics and pollution to enter the ocean.

Hard work

We found a lot of plastic, clothing, wires, fishing nets, cords, wooden parts from the ships, etc. It was hard to pull all the piles of waste we found, sadly, here we had nowhere to take this kind of debris, so we had to call the local County to get involved. 

Group work

This is the fisherman's area, where they fix their boats, there are mini restaurants, fish market and a dock.

This area is always full of plastics, so we will be back this month and keep the cleanup going to maintain this beach clean and healthy. 

We gave a Kyklos present to the most efficient "Trucha", Fernanda, who won the prize.  Fernanda really never gave up, she was amazing and full committed. We pulled things that were really complicated to get, but she persisted and with teamwork we got most of it out.

We will be back next month. 

Join us in our mission 

For the love of the Ocean

Thank you Truchas!

(PHOTO: Francisca and Silvia Olivieri, Founder of Kyklos)

Las Truchas and the debris