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September 18th, 2021 PERU

Together we can do great things !! Thank you all the volunteers, participants and our sponsors for joining us at the International Coastal CleanUp Day this September 18th

We were a super group united for a cause, the protection of the ocean and to reduce the use of plastics so they don't end up in the sea! 

We celebrated this day in a big event together with the people of Lima, Peru, in the county of Miraflores.  We had a beach cleaning activity and a 3 km swim where 35 participants enjoyed a great adventure in the ocean and another crowd of volunteers cleaned the beach gathering waste and microplastics.

The event was organized by the Municipalidad de Miraflores, Kyklos Project, Raices and LOOP

A symbolic hug for the ocean symbolizing respect and care 💙🐬

Kyklos Project is focused in beach cleaning events in Peru since this is a country where we produce our goods and we feel needs more support in reducing plastic waste in the ocean.  We're looking forward to expand soon and bring these activities closer to you.

Join us in our effort!!

#For the love of the ocean



July, 2021 PERU

Agua Dulce was the lucky spot this time

We had an interesting event, this time a group of women swimmers called "Las Truchas" (The Trouts) joined us in our mission to keep the beaches clean and prevent plastics and pollution to enter the ocean.

We found a lot of plastic, clothing, wires, fishing nets, cords, wooden parts from the ships, etc. It was hard to pull all the piles of waste we found, sadly, here we had nowhere to take this kind of debris, so we had to call the local County to get involved. 

This is the fisherman's area, where they fix their boats, there are mini restaurants, fish market and a dock.

This area is always full of plastics, so we will be back this month and keep the cleanup going to maintain this beach clean and healthy. 

We gave a Kyklos present to the most efficient "Trucha", Fernanda, who won the prize.  Fernanda really never gave up, she was amazing and full committed. We pulled things that were really complicated to get, but she persisted and with teamwork we got most of it out.

PHOTO: Fernanda (Trucha) and Silvia (founder Kyklos)

We will be back next month. 

Join us in our mission 

For the love of the Ocean

Thank you Truchas!




Beach Cleaning times are back!!!

Beach Cleaning at Playa Pescadores, Lima, Peru  09/05/2021

In our office in Lima, Peru, and after a long pause due to pandemia times, and in a very small version, we decided to restart our activities with a Covid Free beach cleanup.

This time we went to the beach called Pescadores just by the Pacific coast in the city of Lima. This beach is populated by people who go swimming, go to paddle; there is a Police Rescue, a fishermen area where they fix boats, merchants who sell fish and a few small restaurants from local owners. There's even people living there, sadly under very poor conditions. 

This time we decided to keep it small and simple, so we went with a couple of volunteer swimmers to clean the beach and talk to the local people about the importance of keeping the oceans clean and how we could do things better to help avoid more plastic waste go in it.

We showed people how to keep the beaches clean and using rakes, reusable bags and reusable gloves, to avoid producing more plastic waste, we picked the plastic we found,

We removed from the beack more than 100 kg of plastic that were piked from the shore, lots of water bottles, cigarette buds, plastic cups, fishing nets, metal caps, styrofoam products, etc 

Because every bit counts...more will be coming soon!!! 

for the love of the ocean



Kyklos on National TV Channel 7 (Lima, Peru)

May 10th, 2021


Silvia Olivieri, founder of Kyklos, was invited to Channel 7 on public TV, a channel  dedicated to learn about handmade products called  "Hecho a Mano" meaning "handmade".

The hosts, Almendra Gomelzky and Joaquin de Orbegozo asked Silvia to explain to them: how and why we started Kyklos, what materials Kyklos uses in the products, how are the recycling and production processes to obtain the recycled material for the products.

We hope you enjoy watching it!


Kyklos mom, protecting the Ocean

May 10 th 2021


Note: subtitles provided in Settings of YouTube

Kyklos founder, Silvia Olivieri, was interviewed by the Miraflores County in the city of Lima, Peru, for mother's day as an example of mother and a sustainable business owner.

Most products at Kyklos are handmade with local artisans.  This is why Kyklos founder Silvia Olivieri was interviewed, following all the description of an "ecological mom" as they called the Interview. 

The Miraflores County is very active in promoting startups that don't use plastic in their processes and influence in the neighbourhood in a positive way towards non plastic use.

Kyklos products are mostly handmade and are made from fibers that come from recycled PET bottles.  This fabric is perfect for making eco-friendly products such as purse, tote bags, shopping bags, laptop or notebook sleeves, utility pouches, glass bottle carrier among other sustainable products ready to be bought on, and