About us

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In life, everyone has a connection with something that inspires us, that keeps us going.  

At Kyklos Project, the ocean, and everything that lives in it, is our main inspiration and reason why we do the things we do.

Kyklos was created based on sustainability and circular economy practices. Our mission is to avoid plastic waste reach the ocean.

Kyklos Project consists of:

- Retail & e-commerce:

We create products inspired by fashion and always focusing on durability. We use fibers made from recycled plastic, in our case out of PET bottles, to give plastic a second and durable life. Each product contributes to reducing the plastic pollution in our ocean and provides a fashionable way of using it. We offer eco-friendly bags and accessories branded with Kyklos and custom-made and private labeled with your brand and design. Our products are sold in the US and Peru and are available on our website and main marketplaces: Amazon.com, Etsy.com, Social Media, and retail outlets.

- Merchandising: We offer custom-made promotional items branded with your logo and design. Our merchandising offers an alternative to companies that need to promote their brands, and at the same time, need to reduce their impact on our environment.

- Volunteering and Community: We create activities and events to generate awareness among people and companies towards recycling and reducing single-use plastic.

Joins us in our mission “for the love of the ocean”