Plastic Fishing Community

It's only one straw said 8 billion people 

As a result of it there is currently over 5 TRILLION PIECES OF PLASTIC in the ocean

It's our time to take action and work together for a plastic free ocean.

As a starting point Kyklos Project has created a program to get you involved and take part of this effort for the love of the ocean.  

Our goal for 2021 is to avoid 1 million plastic bottles to enter the ocean. 

To help achieve this goal, our first initiative is "Catch of the Day" and here are the instructions:

1. When visiting or doing activities at the beach, your mission is to catch all plastic that you can from the ocean, shore and/or the sand at the beach.  

2. Once you have all the plastic waste you collected, take a photo of you with the plastic waste 

3. Weigh your plastic or calculate an approximated weight and send the photo and estimated pounds of plastic collected with your name, city, country, to

There is no little contribution, every effort counts in this plastic free ocean  challenge.  All the plastic you catch will be considered in our Kyklos Project counter of the pounds collected.

Our idea is that you can have a great day at the beach with families and friends and at the same time help keep our oceans free of plastic waste. 

Thank you!!